Lovingly built from a passion for beautifully crafted, high quality clothing with a touch of chic, Jules & Juliette’s luxury brand brings pleasure and taste to the wardrobes of babies and childrens. 

The story of Jules & Juliette initially began with a pair of pyjamas. Founded in April 2013 in Dubai and created with an aspiration towards making bedtimes carefree and comfortable for her own children, French designer-mom Juliette Capillaire’s first collection featured sleepwear made to ease little boys and girls into sweet dreams.

Today, Jules&Juliette has expanded to include lovely, simple designs with the French sensibility of style for every occasion, from a casual summertime at the beach to sleepwear and homewear for all.

Jules & Juliette is committed to only creating fresh, everyday clothing of the finest fabrics that possess a timeless elegance.

Made from amazing Italian linen and rich Indian cottons, with prints from France and England including Liberty Fabrics, each design carries a distinct panache.