Nin-Nin® is THE French Doudou! It is extremely soft and babies just love it! It is designed by a Daddy and made in a factory in Le Creusot (Burgundy). So amazing, isn’t it?

The shape of Nin-Nin comforter is perfectly adapted to baby psychomotricity. It really helps pacifying babies and it is very easy to carry everywhere around. It is extremely safe, very light, so soft and so easy to grab, it is the first thing your newborn will be able to handle.

Info and Care.

Baby Comforter Size: 57cm

Manufacturing: Manufactured in Burgundy with love

Attribute: Nin-Nin Comforter, cuddly and sweet!

Washing advice: Machine washable 30°C and let it dry naturally

Material: Front Side 100% cotton, Back Side 100%